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I am pleased to share with you my positions on some of the most important issues facing our country.  I welcome your comments and ideas on these and any other issues of concern to your and your family.

Second Amendment 

I am a strong supporter of the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, and I also strongly support Concealed Carry with universal reciprocity with other States!  I graduated from pharmacy school before going to dental school.  A couple of years after graduation one of my classmates used a gun in his pharmacy to stop two armed robbers and save the lives of himself and his staff.  He was able to go home to his wife and two kids that night. 

Another classmate was robbed in his store.  His hands were tied behind his back and a sack was put over his head.  He told me he thought the robbers were going to kill him.   Fortunately, the robbers were satisfied with narcotics and the cash they got from my friend’s store.  Later, the criminals were apprehended.  My friend applied for a permit to carry a gun to protect himself.  His request was denied because the suspects had been apprehended.   

Neither of these incidents occurred in Virginia.   

I will support laws that make it possible for guys like my classmates from pharmacy school to get weapons when they think they need them.  I will fight to make certain the provisions of the Second Amendment are protected.



Farmers in the Shenandoah Valley tell me they are over regulated.  We need to decrease regulations! Well-meaning farmers who choose to participate in cost sharing programs to protect their water and soil quality often must install nutrient management systems and watering systems that are over engineered because of heavy handed regulations. Regulations like these and other guidelines need to be pushed down to the local level (state and county) to save money and reduce hassles for the farmer.

We need to inform consumers with proper food labeling!  Labeling a food to indicate it contains Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) is important.  I also believe that people have the right to purchase any farm product directly from the farmer.  That includes raw milk.   

I believe in Fair Trade in international markets! Our national government must work to keep international markets for farmer’s products open and fair. This way the world will be able to enjoy the products of the most efficient farmers in the world.



I am, and have always been against mandated healthcare systems such as Obamacare! Obamacare is just one thing, a mess!  I am extremely disappointed with Congress.  It voted unsuccessfully again and again to repeal Obamacare, yet they did not craft a substitute.

In the eight years of the Obama presidency, Congress did not produce an alternative plan.  How hard would that have been? You gather about 10 or 20 health care experts, and have them hammer out a plan that would work for our country.

The alternative health plan could have posted the new health care plan on a website for everyone to read before it is voted into law.  I have such a plan.  I believe Health Savings Accounts (HAS) with high deductible health insurance will make each of us very aware of the cost of healthcare and provide each citizen with the healthcare they need and deserve.  The high deductible HAS plan also provides a strong incentive on the patient to maintain his or her health by making good lifestyle choices.

Health insurance providing the high deductible HAS would be purchased from insurance companies that can cross state lines.  This is similar to the way we purchase automobile insurance.  Your health insurance would not be linked to your job under my plan.



I believe in local control of public education, state vouchers to provide excellent education for all to have choice, and a strong technical and career educational system to provide our citizens with the tools needed to become valued and well paid citizens of the 21st Century!

I can see no reason for a federal Department of Education.  It should be closed.


Term Limits

I believe in strict term limits for Federal Representatives and Senators!
It was never intended that professional politicians, who have never employed a single person, or created a product valued by the public, or who have never run a business be placed in positions of power and perpetually reelected to enrich themselves through public service. Three consecutive terms for the House of Representatives, and  two consecutive terms for the Senate with an additional term for committee chairmen would cure many of the excesses of power and inefficiency we have today.


Veterans Administration Health Care

If you are a veteran qualified to receive hospital or dental care from the VA, you currently have to drive to Martinsburg, West Virginia or to Salem, Virginia for care. This means you have to drive past some wonderful hospitals and dental offices for your care.  I would propose and support giving qualified veterans the option of receiving their health care from any hospital.  

Our veterans should choose where they wish to go for care.  This would put competitive pressure on the VA Medical system to improve services to our veterans.   



Technology is making profound changes to our nation’s military. Navy ships that once needed crews of 250 men, are now putting to sea with much smaller crews. Drone aircraft are changing war fighting in all branches of the services.  Weapons are more complex and more deadly.   

Congress must spend time evaluating the needs of the military and the cost of defense paid by the citizens.  It is just not enough for a Congressman to trust his staff to give him or her information about our military.  We need veterans in Congress who have years of military experience who can make better policy, and to fund needed weapons systems.



I believe abortion is wrong.  Abortion on demand has been legal in the United States since the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973.  I do not believe it is possible to stop abortions via a law, I am firmly support defunding organizations that provide abortions. Abortion providers should be privately funded.   


Overseas Development

Our nation is a leader and a guide for other less-fortunate countries.  I have been blessed to have had several opportunities to work in developing nations.  One-on-one interactions between Americans and citizens from other countries has always helped form lasting friendships and elevate the regard for America overseas.   

I am in favor of continuing programs like the Peace Corps, and in developing opportunities for health care providers, business experts and experts in agriculture to visit countries that need our help.

These are just a few of the many issues we face as a nation. I welcome your ideas and perspectives on any issues.  Email me any time at  With your support, I look forward to fighting for the values and priorities we care about.

Committee to Elect Douglas Wright
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