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About Dr. Wright


Hi, I am Dr. Douglas Wright.  I am a candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 6th congressional district.  I want to welcome you to my website and use this opportunity to tell you about my campaign.

Like many of you, I am concerned about our country.  We have problems with immigration, health care, national defense and agricultural policy. These are all areas where the federal government is not providing us with the service and security we deserve.  Obamacare was supposed to fix health care but the regulations of Obamacare have hurt the health care delivery system in our country. Dairy farmers around the country are currently trying to push through record low milk prices, the likes of which haven't been seen since the 1980's. Our Navy is poorly trained and over tasked, in the last year alone seventeen sailors have died in two separate incidents when Navy ships have collided with merchant vessels on the open ocean.

With these obvious problems, it seams the Congress is mostly busy accusing and insulting each other for the benefit of a TV camera. Congressman Bob Goodlatte has given 23 years of service as our Congressman and while he has worked hard there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed. I want to use my years of experiences to help make our government more logical, efficient and more able meet the needs of the citizens of the United States.  

For many  years I have provided dental care in the private sector as a dentist/business owner.  Additionally I have worked 3 years as a dentist for the Veterans Administration.  I have some idea about how to fix the broken  VA Medical System.  I worked in the US Navy, four years on active duty and seventeen in the Naval Reserves. My brother is currently serving his third tour in Afghanistan.  I have another brother who is retired Army.   I have a good understanding of the military issues from my service in the Navy and from brother’s service in the US Army.

I have a background and interest in our nation's Defense, The department of Veterans Affairs,  Health Care and Small Business owner. I enjoy writing articles for dental journals and for the Daily News Record, you can read some of them under the 'news' tab.  I bring a lot of experience to the discussion of the needs of our country.   I hope you will join me in this discussion.


Thank You. 


Committee to Elect Douglas Wright
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